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Khalid  Omar Jahani Ltd  is  a privately own company registered with the Afghan ministry of  commerce and industry as well  as with the  directorate of pharmaceutical affairs. Khalid  Omar Jahani  Co  Ltd  assures  all our respected clients for   providing  lo- cal  service globally standardized.  When it comes to quality,  value and reliability based on  our  experience abroad-based foot   print  in  India,  Pakistan, China,  Tai- wan,   UAE, USA, England, Germany and Turkey. Khalid Omar Co Ltd is headquar- tered in Kabul  with having a presence in all provinces of Afghanistan. KOJ Ltd sup- plies   a wide range of competitively price medical equipment  and  laboratory instru- ments.

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Khalid Omar Jahani (KOJ) Ltd is mak- ing every effort to establish long-listing relationship with all of its customers including privately owned laboratories, hospitals, clinics, Afghanistan based and international organizations, NGOs, foreign military medevac centers and public healthcare authorities.

By presenting a positive contribution to all our valubable customers and the local community. We are providing in- novative, quality equipment, reliability in performance. We are providing customers with high quality equipment to best serve their needs, have those delivered on time and backed by good technical service in order to sustain the lifetime of the item provided.

Khalid Omar Jahani Co Ltd is not just a medical supply company, but it creates a motivating working envi- ronment that energizes both the cus- tomer and the workers through the services we provide, and striving to build a united community, helping to maintain existing companies and as- sist our clients in making their dreams become a reality! We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services delivered on time and provide a backup support by our professional team.

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Khalid Omar Jahani Co Ltd assures all our respected clients for providing lo- cal service globally standardized. When it comes to quality, value and reliability based on our experience abroad-based foot print in India, Pakistan, China, Tai- wan, UAE, USA, England, Germany and Turkey


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# Add: Dan-e-Bagh Square, 1st Floor, Alfalah Plaza, Kabul – Afghanistan. Open Hours: Saturday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Friday: Closed