Technical Specifications


System function Automatic, Discrete, Random Access, Bench-top STAT sample priority Throughput: Up to 200 tests/hour, up to 400 tests/hour with ISE Measuring principles: Absorbance photometry, Turbidimetry, Ion Selective Electrode technology End-point, Fixed-time, Kinetic, optional ISE, Single/Dual/ reagent chemistries, monochromatic / bi-chromatic Original system pack reagent ready to use Close system and open system is optional

Reaction System

Reaction rotor: Rotating tray, containing 40 cuvettes Cuvette: Reusable, optical length 5mm Reaction volume: 100~360μ Operating temperature: 37α Temperature uctuation: ± 0.1C.


ISE Module (optional)Measuring K+, Na+, Cl Mixing Unit Independent mixing bar Washing station with pre-warmed detergent