Technical Specification


ALT, AST, ALP, ACP, GGT, α-HBDH, LDH, CK, AMY. TG.TC,HDL-C, UA, UREA, Cr, Glu, TP, Alb, T-bil, D-Bil, TBA, NH4+ HCO3-, Ca, Mg, Cl , Na, K, apoAI , apoB, Lp (a), C3, C4, lgG, lgA, lgM, HbA1c, Alcohol, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepine etc.


Touch screen with touch pen and popup keypad Mouse or Keyboard via USB

Analysis Method

Endpoint , with or without reagent blank Endpoint, with sample blank and reagent blank Kinetics , with or without reagent blank Two-point Kinetics/Fixed-time, with or without reagent blan AbsorbanceTurbidimetry Linear and non-linear calibration